Oddalamy się biegiem i łapiemy ostatni autobus nad morze.

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fisza pisze...

do tego wpisu adekwatny jest moj ostatni- Tag am Meer, znaczy "dzien nad morzem"
So here you are, you brought some future with you
For quite some time you've known that you're free
When future becomes present, you know it will happen
Waiting. Is this what you planned it to be
Then time disappears and then you in it
Clouds dance in cartwheels you're not you any more
Time returns and then takes more time
You become quicker in it you are moved by much more
The moment is the action you take, but wait
Your eye looks at what you're doing, is afraid
Of the thing that you know, it was always there
The music stops, but still plays in the air
Is this what you wanted - you're afraid - at the start
But now everything's different, we're right at the heart
It's all about us nothing like before
And it makes us brothers with a day at the shore

You can feel the grass here and there something is moving
You enjoy it but no it isn't just that
After opening all the doors at the end there's the trick
That the end of the search is in finding right now
You breathe in
You breathe out
This body is your home and you know it well
You live - you're alive - your are conscious of that
Without thinking just from your own lust for life
The feeling you're feeling tells you it's time
And then space and time they change their condition
Your reason returns but you don't employ it
Every step one more country, will it always go on
You feel the energy of life through you
Life in harmony as never before, you enjoy
There's nothing to be improved on, nothing could be more
Than just you here and now and the day at the shore